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/Queen Beryl

Inspired By:

Sailor Moon

About Costume:

I have always been a Sailor Moon fan since I was a kid. I never imagined that I would cosplay as Beryl. I usually pick characters I relate to on some level, however it was fun playing a character that is completely different from me! 

It started when I was hired to do a commission for a Queen Beryl. After having so much fun creating the staff I wanted to make a secondary one for a Beryl of my own. Because the originally staff I created a mold of my sculpted end pieces I was able to cast more! The staff was made using wood techniques and molded sculpts. For the light up ball I ordered a clear sphere and painted the inside. I also added on a cone shape that I wrapped the light around and wired in a switch.  

The necklace, spikes, armband and forehead pieces I used various foam. I created some custom casted gems, and also created the earrings with wire and stones.  I honestly didn't want to bother with the dress while being swamped with commissions so I ordered one.

WIP Gallery :

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