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/Haruhi Suzumiya

About Costume:

Personality wise I feel that I have some similar traits to Haruhi.  I have been wanting to do a cosplay of her for a few years now.  Ironically the ones I was planning on doing I didn’t do!  I love a lot of her costumes and I decided to go with the black uniform over the traditional one.

I had a low budget so I needed this to be inexpensive.  Since I’m not entering it in a contest I found the jacket for $6.00.  Which is way cheaper and faster than making it.  Of course I had to do some alterations but not big deal.  I added on the side pockets and make some fitting adjustments.  Took out the shoulder pads and finished!  


I used some left over black fabric that I already owned to create the skirt.  The white button-up shirt was re-used from my Shimei cosplay.  I bought some very nice fabric for the bow luckily I didn’t need a lot because it was expensive!  Then I added a clip on the back of it to I can just clip it to my shirt.  Wig didn’t need too much work for styling it. For the headband I just glued the ribbon on a headband and made the bows.

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