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/Ryomou Shimei

About Costume:

 I had already did a cosplay of Shimei but I was planning on making the school uniform right after that for sometime.  I got busy and it got pushed way back.  For a while I kind of had forgot about doing it until I came across this perfect yellow vest that reminded me of the costume!  It was only 2.00 a total steal.  Of course Shimei is my favorite character from Ikki Tousen I think I fit her the best personality wise and I relate to with her in a lot of ways.  

The wig,eye patch,shoes, hand-cuffs, and bow were re-used from my Shimei maid cosplay.  The vest was altered and the white button-up shirt I already had.  The gloves I had from Shimei's maid costume. I shortened the gloves and added on the details.  created the skirt design first in photo-shop.  Then I taped everything off and painted as neatly as I could.  The white lines were the hardest because they were so thin the paint would bleed.  So I went back to do a lot of touching up to look as neatly as possible.  I bought a white pair of knee high socks and dyed them added on the white bands on the bottom.

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