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Battle Angel

About Costume:

Inspired By:

     Alita is one of my all time favorite characters.  It was one of the first anime I had watched.  I fell in love with the character so much that I read the manga.  It still remains one of my favorite series to this day!

     Some of the costume parts are altered and some are created.  This was originally created in 2004.  Over the years I made some adjustments and enhancements.  The jacket and body suit are slightly altered.  The knee armor is created from friendly plastic and wonder flex.  I made the boot covers and gloves.   The angel wing was created from found pieces in a junk yard and wielded together.  I created a harness to hold all the weight of the pieces.  Then, added in the last touch of the feathers.
Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 9.40.23 AM.png

WIP Gallery :

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