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Final Fantasy XIV

About Costume:

I started this costume before I decided to take a break for most of 2022. Now I have finally finished it for 2023! I picked a glamour Viera look from FF14, I always love the Viera from the Final Fantasy series. Ive wanted to cosplay as Fran when FF12 came out but never had the time to make her. 

This costume pushed me to grow in various skills without being too overwhelmed.  I have been working to try and make my pieces cleaner and I care less about accuracy these days and care more about the overall look. Drafting patterns is still very difficult for me but I am hoping one day it will just click! I am really proud of my ears,. so far the best ears Ive created! I first made a mock-up ear which looks rough but helped me get a general idea before moving forward.

For the red armor pieces I used EVA foam, while all the bronze pieces were 3D modeled by me and resin printed. I decided to change the white to this red mesh fabric I had. Overall I am super happy with how it came out!


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WIP Gallery:

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