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Mario Odyssey

About Costume:

Inspired By:

I got an opportunity to go on a trip to NYC! It was a bit short notice so I didn't have a lot of time to create a new costume for the trip. I thought Cap Kingdom Princess Peach from Super Mario Odyssey would be an excellent choice.  Since it would be too cold for Metro City Peach. Maybe next time I visit NYC I'll make Metro City Peach!

As mentioned before I was extremely short on time so I bought a winter coat. (Which I needed a new on anyways living in FL).  I had to do some alterations for fitment as well as to get better accuracy and make additions to the coat. I was able to create the bow with left over fabric and already owned the brooch.  I touched up my earrings I made for a previous Peach.

The wig was probably the hardest for me personally. If I had more time to order a better suited wig with only a week it would have helped for sure! It is a big improvement from the first wig Ive created so i'm super happy about that. I know if I made it again I could even do a better job!  

WIP Gallery :

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