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  • Do you sell your costumes?
    No, I do not sell my costumes, or plan on selling any of them. I put a lot of effort into all my creations. Over time they get worn down... However, I have sold some of my props from costumes!
  • Do you make all your costumes and props?
    Yes, for the most part I make all my costumes and props unless stated otherwise. In each costume gallery I talk about the creation of the costume. A few of them are from found objects or bought pieces, which are considered more as "closet cosplays". Some are a combination of half bought/found objects and half self-made. If I am competing in a costume - I will 100% make the costume myself. If I am doing a basic costume for a photo shoot, or just to wear and be comfortable in, I may use found objects to save time for bigger projects and competion costumes!
  • What materials do you use?
    Basically anything! I always love working with and learning a new material. Every year I try and pick something up I haven't tried before. I love working with wood, EVA foam, Resin, Smooth-on products, LEDs, and Worbla... just to name a few!
  • What events do you attend?
    Every year I attend some of the same events, and some new events depending on my schedule. Some events request me to be at an event or show. Other times, I like to just go and attend as a photographer. You can check out my up coming events!
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