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Kiki Kannon

Costume Designer / Model / Cosplayer / Booking Photographer / Owner of Kannon Studios

Kiki Kannon is the recent Best-in-Show Winner of TwitchCon 2019!  She has been creating costumes since 2003 and has learned a variety of different skills along the way.  Creating over 60 handmade costumes and countless props and accessories.  She is most known for her prop work and runs a shop called “Kannon Studios”, which can be found on Etsy.  She spends most of her time creating items for her shop and commission work. 

Media Appearances

2015 Girls Of Cosplay Vol 1 :
--Published Book by Ellioth Garcia

2014 CosplayMode (01) Magazine- Aug. issue

2014 Cosmode(57) Magazine- April issue

2013 Cosmode(55) Magazine- Dec. issue

2013 Breaking all the Rules :       
--Published Book By Ger Tysk

2013 Cosmode(54) Magazine- Oct. issue

2013 Cosmode(53) Magazine- Aug. issue

2013 We Rise Magazine- May issue

2013 Cosmode(50) Magazine- Feb. issue


2019 TwitchCon- Best Overall

2019 Twitchcon- Best Armor

2018 Lumicon- Best Prop
2015 Shadocon-  Best Prop
2015 Metrocon-   Judge's Choice
2015 OmniExpo- Best Master
2015 FL AnimeEXP- Judge's Choice
2014 Shadocon- Best Individual
2014 Animate!Miami- Best Craftsmanship
2012 Archon 36- Best Anime Presentation
2012 Archon 36- Best Anime Recreation
2012 Umi-con-    Best Craftsmanship Overall
2012 Anime STL-Master Class- Best Armour
2012 Naka-Kon- Best in the Master Class
2011 Archon 35- Best in Master Class
2011 Archon 35- Best Anime Recreation
2011- Natsucon-Showcased-
2010 Archon 34- JourneymanClass-Best Anime
2009 Archon 33- JourneymanClass-Most Animated
2009 Natsucon- ExperiencedClass-1st Place
2009 Motaku-    ExperiencedClass-1st Place
2007 Archon 32- JourneymanClass-Best Recreation
2006 Archon 31- JourneymanClass -Best Anime
2005 Archon 30- Novice Class-Best Anime
2004 Archon 29- Novice Class-Best Anime

            Online Contest

2013- Otaku House Finalist- North America
2012- Southern Cospitality - Miss Florida- Nov.
2012- Anime Secrets- Best Overall

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