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2024 Events

  • Beyond Comic-con Feb 17th (Host / Judge / Guest)

​​2023 Events

  • Holiday Cosplay TampaBay Dec 2nd-3rd 

  • Holiday Masturi Dec 20th-22nd (Orlando, FL)

2022 Events

  • Twitchcon San Diego Oct 7th-9th (Cosplay Guest / Judge)

2021 Events

  • Holiday Masturi Dec 17th-19th (Orlando, FL)

2020 Events

  • TwitchconGlitchcon - Guest Judge (Online Contest)

2019 Events

  • Omni Expo Mar 15-17th (Orlando, FL)

  • Fl-Polycon Mar 30th (Lakeland, FL)

  • Anime STL March 3rd-5th (St. Charles, MO)

  • Twitch-Con Sep 27th- 29th (San Diego, CA) (Won BIS / Best Armor)

  • Fantasm Oct 11th-13th (Orlando, FL)

2018 Conventions

  • Collective-Con (Jacksonville, FL) March 23rd-25th (Attendee)

  • Momo-Con (Atlanta, GA) May 24th-27th (Attendee)

  • Florida Supercon (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) July 12th-15th (Guest / FSCW)

  • Raleigh Supercon (Raleigh, NC) July 27th-29th (FSCW)

  • Lumi-Con (Tampa, FL) Oct. 26th-28th (Attendee / Won Best Prop)

  • RangerStop (Orlando, FL) Nov 9th-11th (Attendee)

  • Louisville Supercon (Louisville, KY) Nov. 30th-Dec 2nd (FSCW)

  • Holiday Matsuri (Orlando, FL) Dec. 14th-16th (Attendee)

2017 Conventions

  • Super-Con Retro (Cosplay Guest/FSCW Member/Vendor/Panelist)

  • Mega-con ( Photographer )

  • Anime Festival Orlando ( Photographer)

  • Florida Super-con  (Cosplay Guest/FSCW Member/Vendor/ Panelist)

  • Batman-Day FlashBack Gear Event -Sep 23rd (Cosplay Guest)

  • Holiday Matsuri- Dec 15th-17th (Photographer) 

2016 Conventions

-Magic-City Comic-con (Cosplay Guest/Judge/ Panelist)


-Florida Super-con (Cosplay Guest /Judge/Panelist/vendor)

-Animate!Florida (Cosplay Guest/Judge/Panelist/Host)

-ParadiseCity Comic-con (Cosplay Guest/Judge/Panelist)

2015 Conventions

-Magic City Comic-Con (Cosplay Guest / Judge/ Vendor)
-Florida Anime Experience (Contestant Won Judge's Choice)
-Comic Con St. Petersburg Russia (Cosplay Guest/ Judge)
-Omni Expo (Contestant Won Best Masters)
-Metro-con (Contestant Won Judge's Choice)
-FL Supercon (Cosplay Guest / Judge / Vendor)
-TampaBay Comic-Con
-Anime Festival Orlando
-Animte!Miami (Cosplay Guest / Judge / Vendor)
-2050 Events (Cosplay Guest/ Judge/ Vendor)
-ShadoCon (Contestant Won Best Prop)
-Mega-con Fan Days

2014 Conventions

-Animate!Miami (Nov) (Cosplay Guest/ Judge / Vendor)
-Shadocon- (Contestant Won Best Individual Super Sonico)
-Fan Faire (Cosplay Guest / Judge)
-CONjure (Cosplay Guest / Judge / Vendor)
-FL Supercon (Cosplay Guest / Vendor)
-FreeCon (Cosplay Guest / Judge / Vendor)
-Animate!Miami (Jan) (Cosplay Guest / Vendor)

2013 Conventions

-Animate!Miami (Featured Artist)
-Time Lord Fest Tampa
-Florida Supercon (Cosplay Guest)

2012 Conventions

-Holiday Matsuri
-Umi-Con Daytona
-Anime STL
-Planet Comic-Con

2011 Conventions

-Natsucon (Cosplay Guest)
-Anime Central
-Anime STL

2010 Conventions

-Archon 34
-Tokyo In Tulsa
-Anime Central

2009 Conventions

-Anime Central

2008 Conventions

-Anime St. Louis
-Anime Central

2007 Conventions

-Anime Central

2006 Conventions

-Anime Central

2005 Conventions

-Ohayocon 5
-KuniCon St. Louis
-Anime Central

2004 Conventions

-Anime Central
-Anime Reactor
-Missouri Con

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