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/Shiori Misaka

About Costume:

Key studios is one of my favorites I love everything that comes out of there.  Although CLANNAD is my favorite I did a Kanon cosplay which I also absolutely love.  I still plan on doing a CLANNAD costume.  It was hard to pick what character I wanted to do but in the end it was Shiori.


For this costume the blanket took the longest to make.  I worked on it days straight for hours.  Getting the stripes straight was really hard and measuring every little inch.  They needed to match up exactly from both sides.  Since they are so long it can be hard to keep them perfectly straight.  I wanted the blanket as prefect as I could get it.  I was working with a broken sewing machine at the time so it was a bit of a nightmare.  Sewing on the stripes took a while also because  there are 34 vertical and 14 vertical stripes.  Since I usually did shoot for this costume in the cold winter.  It was nice to at least have a blanket and warm thigh-highs.

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