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/Super Sonico

About Costume:

I love this Super Sonico design.  I drafted all the patterns.  The skirt is a 3 tiered circle skirt with interfacing.  The trims were cut from spandex and lined with interfacing also.  Luckily I found a nice blued and white striped fabric for the shirt and bow.  I painted the shoes and added on the flowering design.  The necklace was bought from ebay.
I lathed the microphone handle from wood and added on a bought mic head.  The macorrons were sculpted.  I created the poka-dot pattern on the pink bow fro the microphone.
The headphones were created from a headphone base.  I added on and altered plumbing parts as well as wood pieces.  The lights are set inside the headphones with the battery pack and switch on the outside.  The wire was also formed and added to the top of the headphones.
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