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/Selphie Tilmitt

About Costume:


SEED uniform patterns were drafted by me.  I added on a hand painted gold trim.  Lapel designs were created with silver puffy-paint.  I also created the tie to match the sleeve cuffs.  Tie clip was created from styrene and I printed out the emblem to add to it.


Styling the wig was a challenge.  I used got to be glued products to get the wig to stay in the shape I styled it in.


I created the moon and star originally from syrofoam, wood, and scupley.  The I created a silicone mold using the mold star series.  They were casted from smooh-on's smooth cast series.  I casted them soild to give it some weight.  The moon and star have dremeled out slots for the quick connect to fit into place.  The other half of the quick connect to added to the wooden dowels.  I cleaned up all the seams with bondo.  I created the end pieces by lathing them from wood.  Then I also went through the casting process.  Added on the chain.  Everything was patined and sealed with clear-coat.

Carbuncle Plushie:

This was the first time I created a full plushie.  I first created all the pieces out of paper and tape.  Then I was able to create the patterns off of that.  I made a wire frame core to keep the structure.  The gem was rein casted.  Lastly he was airbrushed to get the different effects.

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