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/Mad Moxxi

About Costume:

This costume was very detail orientated and I really pushed out of my comfort zone for this one.  I created this to compete with so I created everything from scratch.  The scariest part of the costume was probably putting paint all over it!  Yes!  I even painted my underwear.  It took a lot of time because most of it was all hand-painted.  I have done this in the past on my Samurai Girls costume.  This was the first costume I have ever air-brushed.

All the patterns were drafted by mean.  I created the hat base from cardboard as well as the holster and then covered with with fabric.  I used craft foam in the insides of my collar and cuffs to keep the shape.  I also added in wire in the back coat-tails for have a better shape as well.

The belt buckle was created from styrene (plastic).  The belt was vinyl and the sash was fabric.

The megaphone was created from a variety of found objects which include lampshade, plumbing parts, LED wiring, tape gun handle and other parts.  

The boot covers were a spandex fabric that I just pulled over my shoes.  I added on the blood-plaster to get the Mad Moxxi look!  

This was the second wig.  The first one didn’t photograph as well as I would have liked so I got a second one.  I added in wefts of different tones to get the Borderlands effect.  Aside from the wig but make-up was a challenge for me.  It’s not really my strength, but it really pushed me to learn new things.
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