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/Raven Progress

Hope you enjoy some progress of a walkthrough on Raven.  Using what photos I took!  Might have not photographed everything.  Enjoy! 😛

In-progress photos of the creation of Raven!

For the Belt, hand gems, and brooch I used wooden curtain hooks.  Not sure what they are called. 😅
Sanded both sides to be more flat and less round.
Primed both sides with spray paint filler.
I used plastic balls I got from a craft store to make these molds.  Using rebound 25 I made this gem mold off of the plastic balls.  Then I used Epoxacast to pour in the mold to get the clear resin gems. 
I used a red nail polish on the backs of the resin gems and polished them.  Coated the wooden circles with gold paint and clear-coat.
Resin polishing video.
Wired all the LEDS inside the wood rings.  I created a plastic backing that screws into the wooden rings to protect the wiring. 
Video on soldering the LEDs for the gems.  Backing pieces were cut out and dremel from plastic (styrene).
Finished the wiring by connecting battery packs for each lighting set.
I used a very thin fabric to create the cape and hood.  For the hood I did 2 layers adding in interfacing to give it more structure. 
For thin fabric I use this technique to have clean seams.  This prevents it from getting bunchy and un-even.
Cut and styled my wig from Adra wigs.  They have a great wig for Raven but it is a bit expensive but the quality is there.
Feel free to check out Raven's full gallery here.
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