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Game of Thrones Season 1

About Costume:

Inspired By:

I love the season 1 wedding scene in the book I feel like it's where her story really begins receiving the dragon eggs. I didn't care for the changes made in the show related to her marriage / relationship with Khal Drogo. I have created many of Daenyers looks for not only the love of the character but also the costume designs.
I did some changes to the metal straps and decided to do chainmail. I also used custom cast pieces and beads on the armbands. I uses 2 fabrics having a sheer lilac on top and a medium grey underneath. I had also started building the dragon egg chest some time ago but ran out of material. I wasn't able to find what I needed at the time so the project got cold. I hope to re-visit it and get the photos I wanted. 

WIP Gallery :

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