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Star Wars

About Costume:

This was very much a last minute fun costume I decided to do!  I had some left over fur from my Judy Hopps costume and decided to create an Ewok from the left-overs.  If you ever order fabric online you generally have to order a minimum of 1 yard.  Which is why I had so much left over!  I also was able to find from left-over beads from my Battle Royale.  I had some twine from my Demon Hunter and used my Khaleesi wig.  The spear tip is created out of EVA foam and I found the stick in my backyard.  Found a great color of fabric for the tunic but I was in a hurry to finish and ended up airbrushing the outfit incorrectly.  It was a lesson learned but better it to be on a simple cheap costume than an elaborate expensive one. 

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