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Bravely Default

About Costume:

This was one of my most challenging creations!  The costume is based on Ivybeth from Bravely Default but the Axe is an original design.  I wanted to add a prop to the costume to create a complete costume look for competing in.  I also took some artistic liberties with the design of the character. 
Half of the armor is vacuum-formed after I created sculpted version using plaster and clay.  The scales, breastplate, ear, and axe are all created from EVA foam.  This is the most I have every worked with EVA foam or have ever created anything like the axe.
This is also the first time creating appliqué on the skirt.  I also created a cage out of zip-tie to keep the skirt to stay outwards for the look I wanted.  I added in some LEDs on the axe and a few places to have slight glowing hints are the armor.

Inspired By:


About Photoshoot:

WIP Gallery :

I created a custom stainless window for this in-studio photoshoot. 
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