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/Nagisa Furukawa

About Costume:

CLANNAD is one of my all time favorite anime!  Even though it was a bit sad.  I am a huge fan of anything that comes out of Key Studios.  
This costume was a big sewing project for me.  First time ever making a jacket.  Usually takes me a while to get fittings correct because I didn't have a proper dress form.  I feel like projects took me 10 times longer than they should!  I was able to find these perfect fabric for the jacket!  I found it randomly on clearance and I loved it.  It was also my first time making a jacket and sleeves are always my enemy!  It all came together in the end but I still work to try and make my sewing skills better.
I painted on the emblem with acrylic paints for the shirt pocket.  I was able to use a beach ball pattern to make my dongo plushie!  I have since sold all the dongs I had but I thought about making more.  I used got to be glued hair products for the wig and found some hair clips I was able to paint to match. 
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