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/Nagisa Furukawa

About Costume:

Making the dango was one of my favorite parts of creating this!  I use to have a few huge ones on my couch but they have since sold.   I also use to make a bunch of little dangos.  As far as creating the outfit I drafted my own pattern then for the shirt, jumper, and collar.  I Just cleaned up the wig and re-style it.  I already had it styled from my previous CLANNAD costume.  I iron on a patch I bought.  For my last CLANNAD costume I hand-painted the patch but I was able to find this one easily and it was cheap.  The barrettes I bought and painted. 

I have been wanting to make this uniform for over like 6 years now and finally got to create it.  Every year I thought I was going to make it something else came up and got in the way.  I created this costume being a huge fan of CLANNAD.  I created the winter uniform first because I made it in December and it was rather cold.  I have also made this spring uniform in December for 2012 but I live in Florida now so it’s fairly warm here.  Even though it is a smaller costume it is still a costume that I really wanted to be able to make one day.

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