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/Rinoa Heartilly

About Costume:

I originally created a Rinoa costume back in 2002.  It was more of a “closet cosplay”.  I never really counted it as the time because I didn’t really know what cosplay was or that people were actually dressing up like characters.

I created a completely new version in 2015 and re-created half of it again in 2016. I maybe rushed some of it more than I wanted to compete in a competition with it.  After looking at it I saw where I could improve upon the costume so I did.  I am always looking for ways to make things look better.

I drafted all the patterns for this costume.  I airbrushed the pattern on the skirt.  Created the boot accessories with polystyrene (plastic).  I created the wings to slide in my back through my duster.  The wings coming out of my back align with the wings painted on the back of my duster.  I also added in LED lights for them to light-up.

The wig was a simple cut and style.  I just sewed in the color wefts on the sides to get the Rinoa hair.

I did a long process to create the prop.  I am currently re-working it now.  I will post more about it when I compete it.
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