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/Princess Leia

About Costume:

I probably spent more time of this costume than I needed.  I really obsessed on every single detail!  Even though the costume looks simple…Which it is but it’s not.  I am not really use to doing live-action already created costumes.  I felt the expectation for accuracy was much higher and harder to achieve.  I spent days trying to find every reference I could and studying the costume in all it’s aspects.  

I drafted the pattern for the tunic and hood.  I say hood but it’s the whole back part of it is open!  I didn’t realize this until researching the costume.  t used a light-weight knit fabric.  The belt was created from vinyl and flashing.  I got the wig from Adra Wigs.  Which i struggled with styling the wig a lot.  I finally got it to a point where I was ok with it.  I may find another way to achieve the hair in the future.
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