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/Shidou Mana

About Costume:

This costume was a lot of work cramped into a very small amount of time.  I am a slow worker when it comes to making costumes so it's always a challenge for me when I have to move fast.  All the patterns I drafted and created the costume myself. I still have a lot to learn with making patterns in particular.


 I think this costume really helped me improve a lot.  The multi colored skirt was a bit difficult for me as well as the jacket.  I don't really have a dress form so making anything feels kind of impossible when it comes to sewing.  It's something I work really hard at to try and be decent at.  However props seem to come much more naturally to me than sewing.  I still work to try and be good at very aspect of cosplay but there is always new things to learn and areas to improve upon. 

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