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January 2, 2017


     I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!  2016 has been a very eventful year for me.  I have even bigger plans this year.  If you would like to see some of the current projects I am working on or costume announcements for 2017.  Please consider joining my FREE Patreon page!  I am not charging for my Patreon.  You can set-up your page to charge Patrons monthly or charge per creation.  I have mine set to charge per creation.  This has the option to make post free or charge.  I make all my post free.  Of course I will be posting all the same photos on all my other social media pages.  I still will offer other things on my Patreon that are not on my other pages.  If you don't want to miss any post it's a great place to be.

 I post video-blogs to my Patreon.  Which will be about any costumes and props I am working on.  I do not list these videos anywhere else.


 I will also be posting most progress photos and new costume announcements on Patreon.  It's a great way to stay connecting to everything I am doing!  I find that most my Facebook followers are more interested in the final product of my work.  I know some of you would like to see more of the process.  So I decided to keep most progress photos on my Patreon. 


I currently do not sell prints anywhere online.  Through my Patreon I will allow direct transactions through my paypal.  If you see any photos you would like to purchase just ask.   I also allow messages on my Patreon.  I had to turn off messages on my Facebook because of all the spam.  I think Patreon is a great place to connect with people that want to see more. :)


Why did I change my Patreon from charging to FREE?


Patreon was helping me a lot with getting some extra money a month.  While it wasn't a lot it still met so much to me that anyone would ever want to pay me monthly for a hobby.  From getting the extra help my Etsy shop got very busy and it was harder to post regularly.  I owe a big thanks to all my supporters for helping me get there.  THANK YOU!  Seriously it means so much!


I also was originally planning to stop using Patreon.  As I found I was busy on and off.  While I could not charge people for a month here and there it seemed inconsistent and not fair to people.  I ended up changing my mind because I love the interactions with people!  I think it is a great place to share some extra stuff going on.  Often times people do not see my feed on Facebook.  This is a great way to see everything I am doing and more!


So many wonderful people that were supporting me couldn't over time.  I love that they were so invested in me.  I didn't want to turn them away because of money.. I really wanted people that wanted to see what I am doing to see it.  If there is one thing I learned in life it's to invest in people that invest in you.  I think it's great that people are getting support from Pateron.  I myself supporting some people on Patreon and did not want to stop.  I am in no way against charging.  This is just what worked for me personally. <3








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