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Creating Tatsumaki's Wig

For this wig styling I used small scissors, got to be glued hair products, a foam noddle, packing tape, styrofoam head, pins, a comb, and a hair dryer. Weird combination? I think so too. 😅

This is the wig I got which have a very nice likeness and color to Tatsumaki! I could have just kept it this way? I honestly think this works! I just wanted to challenge myself with working with wigs. It's something I have been trying to get better at for some time now. I am in the process of looking at new alternatives than this process currently.

Sadly I did not take any video of this but I try my best to have in-progress photos for everything I do! It's been about 2 years now this I have styled this wig so bear with me.

First I took the foam noodle and covered it in the packing tape so that it as smooth! This is an important step! I picked a noodle size based on how big I wanted the curl to be.

Then I take a chunk of hair and carefully brush it out. I add got2be glued, glue all down the strand. Then I smooth it out with my fingers. The foam noodle acts basically as a curlers just without the heat. Which I am sure there are many ways to do this. However I am just showing exactly the step I did to create this style. I stuck pins through the foam noodle and into the styrofoam head so that it stayed. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Once dry carefully remove the noodle. I let mine sit overnight.

I separated the top from the bottom. I wanted to have a bunch of curls. It was easier to do the bottom layer first and work my way up. I made sure to separate the layers where the wefts ended. So when I gathered a strand to make a curl it was from the same weft.

As I am moving a long you will see that the tip may get a little messy. Or you have have lose strands here and there. I just used the small scissors to go through and do any clean-up when needed. I only used the got2be glued hair spray on small occasions when needed it light sprays. If you use too much it can weigh down the wig.

The advantage of using these products is that they can be washed out. Sometimes the curl didn't come out exactly how I wanted. So I got a cup of warm water and dipped the single curl it the water. I used a little bit of shampoo and washed it out. Once it was dry I was able to try again without messing up any surrounding curls.

This was the final result of the wig! It did take a long time and patience. I might not be a necessary process for every wig. This general method however can be adapted and used for a lot of other characters. You can view the full Tasumaki gallery here.


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