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I took some time away from Cosplay in 2016 to focus more of my time on my shop! I am excited about all my accomplishments in 2016. I am even more excited about 2017. I took a lot of the feedback I got from 2016 to focus on improving my shop and it's products.

One main improvement I will now offer is adding in instructions to help assist the customer. Of course I am available for you if you ever have any questions before and after the purchase of an item.

I have created different helpful instructions that now come with every purchase! I also have been shipping worldwide to every country. I keep my shipping prices as low as I can but shipping internationally is going to be more expensive.

I am still in the process of growing and expanding my store. I already have some new products in the works for 2017!

I am currently working on creating Genji Shurikens from Overwatch. Here's a video of the in-progress pieces to far. Aside from that I will be creating Link's wand from Zelda. I am also creating other props but they are primarily for my costumes and not for sale. While I do take on commissions from time to time I currently have no extra time to do commissions at the moment.

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