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Had an amazing time attending Supercon-Retro over the weekend! I met so many wonderful new people, and of course a lot of familiar faces. It was my first time being a part of the wrestling show FSCW as Princess Peach. What a wonderful experience and I am excited to be joining a group with so many very talented people. If you have not seen the wrestling show, I really recommend it! The next show will be in July at Florida Supercon. They have 3 shows, one each night of the event.

Of course, the main costume contest is one of my favorite things of the whole event! I love to get to have a chance to closely see all of the costumes. There are so many amazing costumers in Florida! I am always honored to judge and be a part of this community. All awards come with a cash prize aside of the 3 judges awards. Supercon in July will be offering a grand prize of $1,500 to the first place winner! They are giving away a grand total of $5,000 in cash prizes!

I had a prop building panel on Friday and a demo mold making panel on Sunday. I demo a life-cast from someone's hand which is always fun! Also a resin cast with a silicone mold. Thank you to everyone that came and stopped at my table, I really appreciate it! I love talking to you all after the panels and exchanging some ideas and meeting new fellow cosplayers. Of course, I am excited for all my up-coming events! If you are interested in having me at your event feel free to book me!

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