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New Overwatch Products

Completed some great new Overwatch costume accessories! Feel free to browse the shop to get yours now. I decided to create some items from male characters. My cosplay props/accessories were all from female characters and I have been wanting to branch out. I thought it would be a perfect time because I am currently doing a gender-bender Reaper!

I decided to create Mccree's BAMF belt buckle as he is one of my favorite characters to play as. Also Reapers emblem because I am needing to create it anyways. Originally created the buckle from wood and sculpted the Reapers Emblem with monster clay. I have worked with many other clay in the past but so far this is my all time favorite. They are both resin cast so very durable! Not sure what the next prop project will be. I am still working on creating the dragon egg chest from Game of Thrones.


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